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Chemical Engineering Schools Project

To support the role out of a new science syllabus in South Africa c*change in partnership with industry developed under the lead of René Toerien a resource package supplying additional materials for grade 11 and 12 learners in the fields of Chemical Industries and Mining and Mineral Processing. The contents of the resource packs are aligned with the chemistry curriculum in South Africa and provide teachers with classroom-ready resource materials to complement the teaching of these new sections in the syllabus. The content is multi-­faceted and includes information sheets for project work, animations, videos, practical work, quizzes, worksheets and posters. By 2014 some 6500 resource packs have been distributed and 64 nationwide roll-out workshops were held.

Science Engagement

In November 2015 c*change decided to champion a second outreach programme with the goal to promote science and engineering in the society at large and specifically in previously disadvantaged communities. A team under the lead of Nico Fischer has been tasked to identify possibilities where the Centre can play an active role in shaping the understanding of science and engineering in the general public.

A second pillar in this portfolio is to provide support of young and upcoming African researchers to compete and excel in the global environment. To this end initial discussions with the SynCat Academy (www.scientificleaders.com) about a strategic partnership were held at the 2015 c*change symposium.