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Dr. Linda Jewell
Chair of Department: Civil and Chemical Engineering
Tel: +27 11 471 2761
Email: jewelll@unisa.ac.za

Professor Linda Jewell is the Head of the Department of Civil and Chemical Engineering at Unisa. Her areas of specialisation include Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and environmental catalysis.

1993 – 1996 PhD ” Decomposition of NOx gases under Oxidizing Conditions ” supervised by Profs N.J. Coville, D. Glasser, D. Hildebrandt and V.D. Sokolovskii, University of the Witwatersrand.

Employment History
Ad hominum promotion to Professor

Jan 2013 – current
Chair of Department, Department of Civil and Chemical Engineering, University of South Africa.

Oct 2010
Ad hominum promotion to Associate Professor.

June 2004
Senior Lecturer, School of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, University of the Witwatersrand.

Sept 1999
Senior Research Officer, School of Process and Materials Engineering, University of the Witwatersrand.

Feb 1999
Chemical Engineer/Project Leader, CSIR Division of Bio/Chemical Technologies. (AECI RDD was sold to the CSIR on 1 February 1999.)

Oct 1997
Senior Process Development Engineer, AECI Research and Development Department (RDD), Modderfontein. (Including a 5 month secondment to AECI Bioproducts, Umbogintwini.)

July 1996
Postdoctoral Scholar at the Center for Applied Energy Research, Lexington, Kentucky. Topic of Research: Selective Hydrogenation of Acetylene over supported Pd catalysts.


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