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Nico Fischer
Associate Professor
Centre for Catalysis Research and c*change
Department of Chemical Engineering
Building No 54, Cnr Ring Road and South Lane
Upper Campus, University of Cape Town

Office 5.10
Private Bag X3
7701 Rondebosch
South Africa

Tel:     + 27 21 650 1837
Email:  nico.fischer@uct.ac.za


Ph. D. thesis
University of Cape Town, South Africa, Prof. Dr. M. Claeys & Prof. Dr. E. van Steen
“Preparation of nano- and ångstrøm-sized cobalt ensembles and their performance in the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis”

Chemical engineering studies
University of Karlsruhe (KIT), Germany
Technical biology
Chemistry and engineering of fossil and renewable combustibles

Employment History

Since 01/2018
Associate Professor at the Catalysis Institute and DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Catalysis (c*change), University of Cape Town, South Africa

Senior Research Officer at the Centre for Catalysis Research and DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Catalysis (c*change), University of Cape Town, South Africa

Research scientist, laboratory team leader, heterogeneous oxidation catalysts, BASF SE, Ludwigshafen, Germany


Journal Publications

Khasu, T. Nyathi, D.J. Morgan, G.J. Hutchings, M. Claeys & N. Fische
“Co3O4 morphology in the preferential oxidation of CO”
Catalysis Science & Technology, 7 (2017) 4806.

M. Wolf, H. Kotzé, N. Fischer & M. Claeys
“Size dependent stability of cobalt nanoparticles on silica under high conversion Fischer-Tropsch environment“
Faraday Discussions, 197 (2017) 243.

T. Nyathi, N. Fischer, A. York & M. Claeys
“Effect of crystallite size on the performance and phase transformation of Co3O4/Al2O3 catalysts during CO-PrOx – an in situ study“
Faraday Discussions, 197 (2017) 269.

N. Fischer, S. A. Kondrat & M. Shozi
“Faraday Discussions meeting Catalysis for Fuels“
Chemical Communications, 53 (2017) 4880.

Claeys, E. van Steen, H. Niemantsverdriet, M. Vosloo & N. Fischer
Catalysis Today 275 (2016) 1.

N. Fischer & M. Claeys
“Phase changes studied under in situ conditions – a novel cell”
Catalysis Today 275 (2016) 149.

M. Wolf, N. Fischer & M. Claeys
“Effectiveness of catalyst passivation techniques studied in situ with a magnetometer”
Catalysis Today 275 (2016) 135.

Fischer, R. Henkel, H. Kotzé, M. Fürst, J. Olivier, J. Neethling & M. Claeys
“Acetonitrile via CO hydrogenation in the presence of NH3
Catalysis Communications 87 (2016) 14.

N. Fischer, H.G. Manyar & A. Roldan
“Highlights from the Faraday Discussion: Design of new heterogeneous catalysts, London, UK, April 2016”
Chemical Communications 52 (2016) 8335.

N. Fischer, R. Henkel, B. Hettel, M. Iglesias, G. Schaub & M. Claeys
“Hydrocarbons via CO2 hydrogenation over iron catalysts – the effect of potassium on structure and performance”
Catalysis Letters 146 (2016) 509.

N. Fischer, B. Clapham, T. E. Feltes & M. Claeys
“Cobat based Fischer-Tropsch activity and selectivity as a function of crystallite size and water partial pressure”
ACS Catalysis 5 (2015) 113.

T. Sango, N. Fischer, R. Henkel, F. Roessner, E. van Steen & M. Claeys
“Formation of nitrogen containing compounds from ammonia co-fed to the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis”
Applied Catalysis A: General 502 (2015) 150.

N. Fischer, P. Hubach & C. Woll
“Incorporation of micro-reactor measurements into a pilot scale phthalic anhydride reactor“
Chemie Ingenieurs Technik 87 (2015) 159.

N. Fischer, B. Clapham, T. E. Feltes, E. van Steen & M. Claeys
“Size-dependent phase transformation of catalytically active nanoparticles captured in situ”
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 53 (2014) 1342.

N. Fischer, E. van Steen & M. Claeys
“Tri-cobalt carboxylate as catalyst and catalyst precursor in the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis”
ChemCatChem 6 (2014) 1707.

N. Fischer, E. van Steen & M. Claeys
“Structure sensitivity of Fischer-Tropsch activity and selectivity on supported cobalt catalysts”
Journal of Catalysis 299 (2013) 67.

R.P. Mogorosi, N. Fischer, M. Claeys & E. van Steen
“Strong metal support interactions by molecular design: Fe-silicate interactions in FT catalysts”
Journal of Catalysis 289 (2012) 140.

Fischer, M. Minneman, M. Bäumer, E. van Steen & M. Claeys
“Metal support interactions in Co3O4/Al2O3 catalysts prepared from w/o microemulsions”
Catalysis Letters 142 (2012) 830.

N. Fischer, E. van Steen & M. Claeys
“Preparation of supported nano-sized cobaltoxide and fcc cobalt crystallites”
Catalysis Today 171 (2011) 174.

Book Chapters

N. Fischer, T. Feltes & M. Claeys
“Chapter 45 – Reverse Micelles – Designer Nanoparticles for Investigative Catalysis” pp 547-560
CRC – Concise Encyclopaedia of Nanotechnology, Eds: B.I. Kharisov, O.V. Kharissova, and U. Ortiz Méndez (2015) ISBN 9781466580343.


Fischer, C. Galeano, M. Kraemer, M. Schubert, J. Zuehlke & H.-M. Allmann
“Catalyst system for oxidizing o-xylol and/or naphthalene into phthalic anhydride”
WO2015/121483 A1

André, N. Fischer, P. Hubach & C. Walsdorff
“Use of gamma iron (III) oxide (gamma-Fe2O3) containing particles for the prevention of biofouling and/or growth of microorganisms”
WO2015/193134 A1

M. Kraemer, S. Altwasser, F. Rosowski, J. Zuehlke, H.-M. Allmann & N. Fischer
“Catalyst for preparing carboxylic acids and/or carboxylic anhydrides”
WO2014/013397 A2/A3
US9029289 B2 (2015)

N. Fischer, M. Braeu & C.-K. Dobner
“Use of vanadium-containing particles as biocide”
WO2014/195772 A1

N. Fischer, M. Kraemer, J. Zuehlke & H.-M. Allmann
“Process for preparing phthalic anhydride”
WO2014/207603 A2

M. Kraemer, N. Fischer, J. Zuehlke & H.-M. Allmann
“Process for starting up a gas phase oxidation reactor”
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M. Claeys and N. Fischer
“Sample presentation device for radiation based analytical equipment”
WO2013/005180 A1
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