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Prof. Dr. Patricia J. Kooyman
SARChI Chair Nanomaterials for Catalysis
Department of Chemical Engineering
Office 5.11
University of Cape Town
Tel: +27 (0)21 650 2732
Email: patricia.kooyman@uct.ac.za

Patricia obtained her MSc from Leiden University (The Netherlands), studying the selective reduction of nitrosobenzene over mixed manganese oxides. She obtained her PhD from Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) studying TS-1 zeolite synthesis and catalytic applications. Following a post-doc at Shell research centre (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), she learned all about TEM during a long post-doc period at the NCHREM (Delft, The Netherlands). Subsequently she was appointed assistant professor at the Chemical Engineering department (catalysis engineering group) at Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands). She came to South Africa in 2015 as SARChI Chair Nanomaterials for Catalysis.
She has always enjoyed travelling and has held many short-term visiting scientist positions throughout her career.

Her research focusses on heterogeneous catalysis, especially catalyst characterisation. She is an expert in high resolution transmission electron microscopy and is one of the pioneers in gas-phase in situ TEM.

Delft University of Technology
1988 – 1993 PhD Chemical Engineering “A study on titanium-silicalite-1 and related systems.” Supervised by Prof. Dr. Ir. H. van Bekkum.
Leiden University (The Netherlands)
1984 – 1987 MSc Chemistry “Selective catalytic reduction of nitrobenzene using promoted manganese oxides.” Supervised by Dr. L. Favre and Prof. Dr. V. Ponec.

Employment History
2015 – Current
SARChI Chair Nanomaterials for Catalysis, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cape Town (South Africa).
2002 – 2016
Assistant professor Catalysis Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands).
1995 – 2002
Post-doctoral researcher, National Centre for High Resolution Electron Microscopy (Delft, The Netherlands).
Post-doctoral researcher, Shell research Centre (Amsterdam, The Netherlands).

Selected publications
Yi-Fan Huang, Patricia Kooyman, and Marc Koper, Nature Communications (2016), accepted. Intermediate stages of electrochemical oxidation of single-crystalline platinum as revealed by in situ Raman spectroscopy. [Paper #NCOMMS-15-23491B]
Oscar Diaz-Morales, Stefan Raaijman, Ruud Kortlever, Patricia Kooyman, Tim Wezendonk, Jorge Gascon, Wen Tian Fu, and Marc Koper, Nature Communications (2016), accepted. Iridium-based Double Perovskites for Efficient Water Oxidation in Acid Media. [Paper #NCOMMS-16-09990A]

B.A. van Driel, P.J. Kooyman, K.J. van den Berg, A. Schmidt-Ott, J.Dik. Micro chemical Journal, accepted. A quick assessment of the photocatalytic activity of TiO2 pigments – From lab to conservation studio!
B.A. van Driel, T.A. Wezendonk, K.J. van den Berg, P.J. Kooyman, J. Gascon, J.Dik. Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Mol. and Biomol. Spector., accepted. Determination of early warning signs for photocatalytic degradation of titanium white oil paints by means of surface analysis

L. van Haandel, G.M. Bremmer, P.J. Kooyman, J.A.R. van Veen, T. Weber, E.J.M. Hensen. ACS Catalysis 5 (2015) 7276-7287. Structure−Activity Correlations in Hydrodesulfurization Reactions over Ni-Promoted MoxW(1−x)S2/Al2O3 Catalysts.

Vendelbo, C.F. Elkjaer, H. Falsig, I. Puspitasari, P. Dona, L. Mele, B. Morana,  R. van Rijn, B. Nelissen, J.F. Creemer, P.J. Kooyman and S. Helveg, Nature Materials 13 (2014) 884-890. Atomic-scale visualisation of Pt nanoparticles catalysing the oscillatory CO oxidation.

Vendelbo, P.J. Kooyman, J.F. Creemer, B. Morana, L. Mele, P. Dona, B. Nelissen and S. Helveg, Ultramicroscopy 133 (2013) 72-79. Method for local temperature measurement in a nanoreactor for in situ high-resolution electron microscopy.

B.M. Vogelaar, A.D. van Langeveld, P.J. Kooyman, C.M. Lok, R.L.C. Bonné and J.A. Moulijn, Catal. Today 163 (2011) 20-26. Stability of metal nanoparticles formed during reduction of alumina supported nickel and cobalt catalysts.
S. Janbroers, P.A. Crozier, H.W. Zandbergen and P.J. Kooyman, Appl. Catal. B: Environm 102 (2011) 521-527. A model study on the carburization process of iron-based Fischer–Tropsch catalysts using in situ TEM–EELS.

J.F. Creemer, S. Helveg, P.J. Kooyman, A.M. Molenbroek, H.W. Zandbergen and P.M. Sarro, J MEMS 19 (2010) 254-264. A MEMS Reactor for Atomic-Scale Microscopy of Nanomaterials Under Industrially Relevant Conditions.

Janbroers, T.R. de Kruijff, Q. Xu, P.J. Kooyman and H.W. Zandbergen, Ultramicroscopy 109 (2009) 1105–1109. Preparation of carbon-free TEM microgrids by metal sputtering.
M.A. Lélias, P.J. Kooyman, L. Mariey, L. Oliviero, A. Travert, J. van Gestel, J.A.R. van Veen and F. Maugé, J. Catal. 267 (2009) 14-23. Effect of NTA addition on the structure and activity of the active phase of cobalt-molybdenum sulfide hydrotreating catalysts.
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P.J. Kooyman and J.A.R. van Veen, Catalysis Today 130 (2008) 135–138. The detrimental effect of exposure to air on supported MoS2.
E. de Smit, I. Swart, J.F. Creemer, G.H. Hoveling, M.K. Gilles, T. Tyliszczak, P.J. Kooyman, H.W.  Zandbergen, C. Morin, B.M. Weckhuysen and F.M.F. de  Groot, Nature 456 (2008) 222-225. Nanoscale chemical imaging of a working catalyst by scanning transmission X-ray microscopy.