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Conduct your post graduate degree within c*change

c*change seeks to explore a new paradigm for basic science and technology research. In addition to its scientific focus on chemical transformations, the Centre will serve as an agent of change for the development of a new generation of research leaders incorporating the full diversity of South Africa’s rich scientific potential.


Currently the Centre comprises a team of around 50-60 postgraduate students (more than half of whom are female and black), over 15 postdoctoral researchers, and some 26 academics from 14 research groups. Besides local academic and industrial partners, c*change has also set up several scientific networks and collaborations with institutions in the UK, the Netherlands, China and Germany.


Open positions for MSc and PhD level postgraduate studies as well as post-doctoral fellowships are regularly on offer. To get information on current offers and to apply contact the respective programme manager or info@cchange.ac.za.

Programme Managers

Sue Harrison

Paraffin Activation

Manie Vosloo

RSA Olefins

Michael Claeys

Synthesis Gas