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Presentation of plenary speakers for 2018 Syngas Convention

c*change is proud to present the plenary speakers for the upcoming third Syngas Convention (for conference brochure click here):


Prof Yong-Wang Li
Chinese Academy of Sciences and Synfuels China – Beijing, China

Research Interests
Prof Yong-Wang Li is the founder and president of Synfuels China Technology Co., Ltd., a Beijing-based company focusing on advanced conversion technologies for coal, natural gas, and other energy assets since 2006. Prof Li has also built up a series of subsidiary companies around the world. He is a leading professor at the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) in the Institute of Coal Chemistry. As the director of the Chinese National Engineering Laboratory of Indirect Coal Liquefaction and the National Energy Research Center for Clean Fuels from Coal, Prof Li leads a research team that carries out advanced research projects in industrial coal and gas conversion processes.


Prof Mike Bowker
Professor of Surface Science – Cardiff University, UK

Research Interests
The work of Prof Bowker’s group is aimed at gaining an understanding of heterogeneous catalysis. This especially involves aspects of the structure and reactivity of anchored nanoparticles, that is, small metal particles (e.g. Au, Pd, Pt) bound to inorganic surfaces. Work is also conducted on iron molybdate catalysts for the selective oxidation of methanol to formaldehyde, and on the production of new fuels (especially hydrogen) using photocatalysis.


Prof Levi Thompson
Professor of Chemical and Mechanical Engineering – University of Michigan, USA

Research Interests
Research in Prof Thompson’s group focuses on the design, synthesis and characterization of chemicals and nanostructured materials for catalytic and energy storage applications.  Of particular interest is the development structure-function relationships that enable the design of highly efficient materials. Current projects to develop nanostructured catalytic materials focus on hydrogen and synfuels production, biomass deoxidation and NOx abatement.


Prof Gabriele Centi
Professor of Industrial Chemistry – University of Messina, Italy

Research Interests
Prof Centi’s research activities cover many fields of heterogeneous catalysis (including photo- and electro-catalysis) and the development of related sustainable processes, technologies and devices for chemical production, energy, and environmental protection. Solar-driven chemistry and energy as well as the circular economy are the main topics on which his research is focused.